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Internationalization of education is the development trend of international exchanges, discussions and collaborations after World War II to solve common problems in education.

Our understanding of the internationalization of education is that it refers to such a concept, policy and various measures that teaching, learning, research, services and management are taken place in the world education and culture for construction and management.

Of course, we  believe that internationalization, especially the cooperation between international colleges and universities, is not only concepts, policies and measurements, but, more importantly, its process. Different countries and different universities require different levels of internationalization and goals in different periods. Therefore, we fully understand and grasp the level of achievements of both universities in the process of internationalization and the degree of achievement of the desired goals.

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Education knows no borders,We hope to make education interconnection a popular trend in the world, let all of us learn from each other, and enhance understanding.


Here, we show other universities the programs we hope to conduct exchanges and cooperation.

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